Minnesota started her artistic career at 15. At 10, she began winning Best of Shows. Her work has been exhibited throughout Florida, including local venues, such as Arthaus and Atlantic Center for the Arts. She's the illustrator of Terwilliger's Tail.

Nancy is the author and illustrator of The Triangle Stair. She has worn many hats: biologist, anatomy professor, illustrator, and volunteer in wildlife rehabilitation, conservation, and pet therapy. She has illustrated several biology laboratory manuals, and has sold her artwork on consignment and on line. She and her husband MIke and their dog Carl live in the Chicago area. The Triangle Stair is her first children's book. Type your paragraph here.

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​Gloria Koehler was born in Albany, CA in the California Bay area at the onset of the Great Depression. Her parents were descendants of the first colonial settlers in the 1600s, and pioneers, who trudged across the plains westward in covered wagons. They have instilled adventure into her love of life. 

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and volunteered to edit their works. After meeting Gloria, she co-wrote the picture book See, I Can Do It!  and Outrageous Kitty.  She is the author of Terwilliger's Tail, and is the co-author of See I Can Do It! The Reluctant Eagle. the Silent Lion and the upcoming A Job for Tabitha.

Her interest in reading began at age three, when her two older sisters insisted she learn to read. She received her first library card as soon as she was old enough.

I was born at a very early age. I have always drawn and painted. I taught art as an elementary school teacher. My paintings can be found in local galleries, in private collections and internationally. I am told that my bright colors and style of my art shows my sense of humor. Stewart is the illustrator of Outrageous Kitty.

modeling and public relations. She also wrote a column for a metropolitan newspaper for five years. 

After "retiring" and moving to Palm Coast, Florida, she taught classes to fellow writers on how to get published,

After a successful business career of 30 years, she and her husband, Ken, settled in Palm Coast, Florida, where she fulfilled her long-time dream to write a novel, Scruffy Brown Shoes. She has also co-authored picture books See, I Can Do It!, The Reluctant Eagle, The Silent Lion, Outrageous Kitty, and the upcoming A Job for Tabitha. 

Bonnie has illustrated for five childrens' authors. She has sixteen years experience painting custom-designed wall murals on large or small scale. She works with acrylic, colored pencil, markers, or watercolor, and has experience with people and pets, still life, landscapes and fantasy scapes. She is the illustrator of See, I Can Do It!, The Reluctant Eagle,The Silent Lion, and the upcoming A Job for Tabitha.

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Donna Eastman holds a BS from Simmons College, School of Publication, Boston, MA.  She worked as a copywriter for the Pearson Group, was a managing editor at Little, Brown, and editor at McGraw-Hill, New York before embarking on a career in

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