Sandah, the sanctuary's handsomest tiger never teased Patrick. He visited from the east side of the compound.

"I had a terrible toothache," he growled. "I drooled all day, and couldn't sleep at night, because my face hurt so much. I'm so glad I let the veterinarians pull that bad tooth. I feel so much better. You should do it."

With that, Sandah slinked off to eat his dinner.

Gloria Koehler

Michael was tired of hearing about raptors and how impressive he should be. Just as he was about to fall asleep, he was visited by Oliva Osprey. She was almost as big as his father, even though she was still very young. She looked very majestic and proud.

"I am a very important raptor, and so are you," she chirruped. "I'm a cousin to you and love to fish and glide on air currents. My eyesight is so good, I can see fish under water from the air. I hunt with my talons, just like eagles. You are too old to be in the nest. You are an eagle. You must look proud and beautiful, like an eagle should. You can do it!"

Olivia Osprey flew away in search of a nice fat fish for dinner.

The Triangle Square turned into a pier, and I fished for catfish.

Nancy Kett

Donna Eastman

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