Donna Eastman

Featured Books for February

Gloria Koehler

When Patrick didn't want to have an operation to cure his roar, he was visited by other animals in the sanctuary who told him of their operations and how the procedures helped them feel better.

Sandah, the sanctuary's handsomest tiger, never teased Patrick. He visited from the east side of the compound. He peered through the fence.

"I had a terrible toothache," he growled. "I drooled all day, and couldn't sleep at night, because my face hurt so much. I'm so glad I let the veterinarians pull that bad tooth. I feel so much better. You should do it."

With that, Sandah slinked off to eat his dinner

Michael, a beautiful juvenile eagle, is afraid of heights. He refuses to leave the nest and fly. Other raptors come to tell him he must fly, and be a proper eagle.

Oscar Owl flew by Michael so quietly that the young eaglet didn't hear him. Oscar floated gracefully to the edge of the nest.

"Just like you, I am a very important raptor," he hoo hoo hooted. He twisted his head back and forth, looking very wise.

"When I fly, no one can hear my wings. I hunt at night and I love to fish. I capture my dinner with my talons, just like eagles. My vision is 3D and I can sit still, almost invisible, for a long time.

"Just like you, my hearing is excellent. Michael, you are a raptor, too. You must learn to fly, so you can hunt and fish, and use the talents you were born with to become a grown up eagle, and be free."

Oscar silently lifted off the nest and flew away.